Charles Vaughan

So, who is Charles Vaughan? Some may know him as the figure from the popular 70s science fiction show Survivors, a character who dedicates himself to documenting, cataloguing and indexing what’s left of civilisation after a plague has wiped out 99% of the population. This was surely the inspiration on the musician behind the crumbling, mildewed sound-scapes to be found on Documenting The Decay and Haunted Woodland Volume Three.

Some may also recognise his name from recent releases by the band epic45, his presence and involvement growing from a thank you in the sleeve notes, to ‘production assistance’ and then to full-blown musical contributions on the Weathering album. There are even whispers on the wind that he may even be a member of the band, an alter ego, but those claims can not be confirmed…

Recently, Vaughan has been visiting Britain’s lonely edgelands, taking photographs and recording sounds in preparation for his next collection of tape-degraded instrumental pieces.