E.L. Heath - Smiling Leaf W&W042


Our psychedelic explorer E.L. Heath makes a welcome return to Wayside & Woodland Recordings after a 5-year absence, with a collection of songs inspired by fresh perspectives from old hills, entitled ‘Smiling Leaf’ and will be available on CD + digital formats from Friday 25th May 2018. Digital download available on release date, CD's shipping w/c 28th May.

In 2013’s Welsh-language ‘Tŷ’ E.L. Heath pondered his place within a mass media consumer society, and in 'Smiling Leaf' we are witness to a personal revival. One in which Heath, in real life, has executed his desire to escape. Now living a life in pursuit of a more pure existence: entwined with landscape, nature and views of the cwms of Powys.

Commitments to this new way of life prevented Heath from working on music and he experienced trepidation to even begin creating again, because as Heath writes “their themes were wrapped in a more bucolic view of the life I was living, when they were ideals rather than cold reality”*.

Heath eventually found solace and intent to create with the writings of Arthur Machen especially the novel ‘The Hill of Dreams’ - where the protagonist Lucian Taylor is haunted by the past; pagan imagery of an ancient Roman settlement overlaying his rural home, a malevolence that journeys with him no matter where he goes. Heath taking from this a kinship with tradition itself and how it is fused with what is unseen.

The artwork for ‘Smiling Leaf’ continues on these themes; comprising of found objects that have been interwoven and processed with textures of wood grain and skeletal leaves.

E.L. Heath is joined on this release by regular collaborators Rob Glover and Ben Holton (epic45), Rob Dunsford, Joseph Cave (Babytwin/The Beatnik Horror) and guest appearances by Matthew Jennings (Talk Less Say More) and John Arthur Millon.

See http://waysideandwoodland.com for a new post written by E.L. Heath 'Notes on a Smiling Leaf'